Friday, June 5, 2020

CCP does not represent the Chinese

After the collapse of Soviets in 1990, the western liberals started promoting CCP. The parallel deep state government shifted its base to China. The money lending activity of IMF and WB has been taken over by China.

The Chinese infrastructure development loans to small nations is a double edged sword. The way in which tricky neo colonisation works is
  • Bribe the political leaders of small nations and kick start big infra projects with Chinese money
  • The contract will go to a Chinese company. The material and labor will be from China.
  • The over hyped project fails to generate Return on Investment
  • Debt Trapped nations become Dragon's prey. China takes over their land establish its base. 
China did the same in Tibet. Mao helped to build roads in Himalayas that was used for transporting Chinese army men into Tibet in disguiseTibet is a land locked country. The CCP offer was a bait. Tibet accepted it without much thinking because they were in desperate need of road connectivity to a sea port. 

China swallowed Tibet and politicians of India dispensed the Panchasheela Tranquilizer see link

CCP Princelings represents the most powerful criminal group in the world The Triad Secret Society and Kaifeng pirate groups of Ching Shih

China's African neo-colonialism is alarming. A criminal leftist politician from Ethiopia is heading the WHO (World Hoax Organizer). Taiwan was denied the needed help even during the global pandemic period.

Chinese military
China has not won a single war during the past two centuries. The only war in which they claim victory is the treacherous occupation of Tibet and 1962 conflict with India. Even with the latest infra structure and most modern ammunition, China is still a paper dragon. 

Mao used the slogan of Century of Humiliation to whip up nationality sentiments and attract youths. The human wave attack in Korean war had sacrificed millions of innocent young lives. The same wave attack had a humiliating defeat in 1979 against Vietnam. In 1967 Skirmish, India did trash them heavily. 

Even though the Chinese Army claims itself to be a professional force, its soldiers in a recent stand-off with the Indian forces in the Eastern Ladakh sector in May this year, used sticks and clubs with barbed wires and stones to target Indian soldiers there. see link

The great asset of China is the 36 deceptive war strategies of Acharya Sun TzuMao says - When the enemy advances, we retreat; when the enemy camps, we harass; when the enemy tires, we attack; when the enemy retreats, we pursue.

Mao was an agent of the global opium merchants. The opium funded Yale Divinity School had established a network of schools and hospitals throughout China that also served as an intelligence network. 

The first leader of the Kuomintang, Sun Yat-sen, was a patriot and good leader. The Former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek was also a nationalist. But his opium addicted soldiers could not fight against the advancing Japanese. His Western friends abandoned him after WW2.

Meanwhile in China - Mao was responsible for tens of millions of people starving to death. The Great Leap Forward killed approximately 60 Million of his own people with starvation, forced labor, and execution. Mao and his Little Red Book was responsible for more deaths over the long term than anyone else in history. 

Mao was a mass murderer - worse even than Hitler or Stalin. See Jung Chang Mao: The Unknown Story and Frank Dikotter  The Tragedy of Liberation  and  Mao’s Great Famine

The present CCP leadership is not serving the interests of ordinary Chinese. The western leftist liberals control CCP that is dominated by Princelings. 

Can CCP REDicalize the world?

Depends on who will be the the winner in the upcoming US presidential election in November. A victory for Trump means the leftists may have to mutate to some other ism. The victory of democrats will embolden CCP and its vassal states like Pakistan. 

Preventing the re-election of Trump is important for both the Democrats and Xi. Unlike Mao and Deng, Xi can't become a life long chairman. The social media is strong. CCP needs to divert attention of people to some crisis related to National Security or Public Health. Hong Kong is a small nation with 7.5 million people (92% Chinese) living in 450 sqmi‎. It is a link that connects the main land with the rest of the world. The special autonomy is there to channel investments and communication. Its free markets & rule of law had attracted investments even from Japan and Korea. A forcible Chinese takeover would threaten the Chinese interests alone. By removing its autonomy, China may lose the benefits it receives from HK.
Black Lives Matter protests make mockery of COVID-19 lockdowns. Many people now regard the remaining lockdown rules as a farce and want to disregard them.
Corona Virus Lockdown cure had become worse than all human diseases

Creating a Virtual Reality using Hoax stories


Command Performance
Virtual Reality with Opium Addiction

Monday, June 1, 2020

The Hoax No. 2 is ANTIFAscism

Corona was just Tip of an Iceberg. The hoax failed after 4 months, when many states opened up and people started enjoying sunshine. 
A series of hoax will start coming during the coming months like hurricane and recede quietly after November elections.

Face masks are useful

The attention seeking anti-fascist violence may end soon. But the anti fascist blabbering will continue with media support until the Presidential election in November. The confused young people may even harm unarmed people who disagree with them. The reports coming in big media only add to the confusion.